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Communications & Sub Categories


Christmas Snowman Stickers

iMessage friends with the cutest Christmas snowman ever.


Grptalk Audio Conferencing

Create personalized groups, add contacts to groups, and call them instantly.


Uyghur Keyboard for IPad and IPhone

Type in Uyghur on your iOS device.


FreeRange Mobile

Make low cost calls from real US number.


George Takei's Oh Myyy-ojis

Beam up your messaging game to the next level with George Takei Oh Myyy-ojis.


Nepal Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Type in Nepali on your iOS device.



Make and receive calls using your 101 VOICE virtual office phone service.



Sign, draw and watermark the real you on email and social media networks.



Send and receive end-to-end encrypted text, video or picture messages.


Bernida Cams Viewer

View, control, and listen your IP cameras, DVR, NVR from anywhere.


Fast Food Stickers For iMessage

Show your expressions with favorites foods emoji.


Astro - Email & Calendar

Declutter your inbox and makes sure you don't miss the important stuff in your day.