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Leuva Patidar Samaj (LPS) of USA Welcomes you.


STKR - For Messengers

STKR - iOS app to create WhatsApp stickers, iMessage Stickers & Telegram Stickers. Import Stickers


Pop - Walkie Talkie Messenger

Speaking to your friends or family feels much more personal than texting.



FriendlyPix is a simple photo sharing app built on Firebase to showcase its features for developers.


Tweet Wars - View Twitter as a Star Crawl

View your Twitter feed as an opening crawl from your favourite movie with TWEET WARS.


Private Text Messages

Protect your privacy and make text with a free second phone number without giving away your REAL phone number.



POKERMATE - fair play.


Followers Pro + for Instagram

Followers Pro + for Instagram is the fastest and most accurate followers analytics tool for Instagram.


Dolo: social, local, super fun

Uncover conversations happening right around you without being constrained by social networks.


Truthify - Emotion recognition

Now you can find out how someone really feels about something.


Amasia-Let's chat with Koreans

Best ever global chat application, approved by hundreds of thousands of members from Korea, Japan, other Asian countries, and all over the world.



Welcome to Oppa money messenger - over $2, 000, 000 shared.